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Tell Your Story In

A Safe Environment

Our specialty is working with clients to help them tell their stories, move forward, and gain insight. We incorporate mindfulness meditation and tai chi movements into our therapy practice for clients looking for a unique way to learn to relax and reduce stress and anxiety.


Counseling for Adults

I work with adults that have issues with mental health and/ life issues. I accept clients with depression, anxiety, problems at work, problems within the family, mood disorders, and adjustment issues.

Integrated Tai Chi and Meditation Therapy

This is a mindfulness-based session that integrates Tai Chi and meditation techniques to reduce stress and focus clearly on what matters most to you

Training for Therapists

Learn how to integrate tai chi into your practice. Rejuvenate your treatment plans for depression, anxiety, stress, addiction and chronic pain.

Training for

professional counselors



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Integrate Tai Chi into Your Clinical Practice

Rejuvenate your treatment plans for Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Addiction and Chronic Pain with the Power of Moving Meditation

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